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Lobocademy is committed to the growth and development of teachers in Chavez HS. 

Improvement happens through reflection and intentional learning. Through the UDL framework, Lobocademy is focused on the impact of our staff's professional learning to benefit our school community.

The overall goal is to empower each educator to become expert learners with regards to professional growth and seek knowledge that will improve their classrooms, student achievement, and the Chavez community.


Professional Learning Options 

It comes down to this!

Lobocademy serves as the platform to complete your required annual professional learning at your own pace. Beginning after the first day of instruction, teachers will be expected to earn a minimum of 6 points for professional learning activities (1 per cycle). Mandatory trainings throughout the year such as testing training, special populations training, faculty meetings, coaching meetings and content PLCs will not be included towards the 6 point requirement. 

Lobocademy was created to serve two purposes:  to help teachers enable their students to learn and to enhance our school’s ability to facilitate that learning.  Below are the PD options for this year. 

Book Study (1 Point)

  • Read a book from approved list of professional literature (or approved by an administrator). You may choose to do this book study on your own or with other colleagues.

  • Each participant must submit the required reflection form.

Presentation (1 Point)

  • Present on a tech tool or strategy that has been used effectively in the classroom. These presentations may be done during your planning time, early release days, or you may create a video that can be shared with your peers.

  • Submit the required reflection form.

Early Release Sessions (1 Point)

  • Teachers may choose from a variety of sessions offered during early dismissal days.  (Training sessions that are mandatory for all faculty will not be counted).

  • Submit the required reflection form for each session attended.

Observational Learning (1 Point)

  • Choose a teacher that you would like to learn from and observe their classroom (with their approval) for at least 30 minutes.  Observations must be completed during teacher planning time.

  • Submit the required reflection form.

Personal Enrichment (1 Point)

  • Teachers may participate in any of the following approved professional activities: conference/workshop, UDL training, PBIS training, IB training, off campus training, webinar/seminars, or other appraiser approved enrichment activities.  Mandatory staff training will not be included.

  • Submit the required reflection form.


"Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students. What better books can there be than the book of humanity?"

César Chávez


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